Slow Research – A Mod for Warzone 2100

This mod doubles the time for all research in Warzone 2100.

Download Slow Research Mod Version 1.0 alpha 3

System requirements

Warzone 2100 Version 2.3 beta 10 (MIGHT work with other versions).


See the reference on the official project website.

Tactical motivation

Experienced players have optimised their research in such a way that many technologies are outdated a few minutes after they have been researched. The lifespan of some weapons is very short in games with experienced players. For example ripple rockets are available in less than 19 minutes (T1, no starting bases), which makes mortars pretty much useless. When someone tries to use mortar or bombard pits, the opponent can simply build a few bunkers and wait for CB tower and ripple rockets. Even a huge field of mortar pits can only destroy a few bunkers before it gets smashed by ripple rockets.
With this mod, ripple rockets will be available around game minute 37, which makes mortars more attractive.

It does not slow down the entire game! Production speed and unit movement speed as well as power income are unchanged. So relative to the research, these elements are twice as fast now. For example in the previously short time span from when twin mg gets researched until the research of heavy MG (or a different superior counter weapon like mini pod), a player can build twice as many tanks with twin MG and move twice as far with them as before.

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    What is the licence for this mod?

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